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Document management system for users of Scan to SIMS

DMS has created a new scanning solution for the education sector named ‘Secure and Find’, (for users of Capita SIMS software). Our document management system will improve your efficiency in storing school records digitally with quicker scanning, easier document search and fewer errors. All made easier with the our scanner and an advanced piece of software that acts as your personal digital filing assistant.

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In many schools, documents and records still end up in storage boxes, filing cabinets or cupboards. In the long term this not only takes up space, but looking for specific information also takes up valuable time. Sometimes documents may even get lost. Efficient, secure administration? Far from it!

DMS (experts in managed print solutions) have created a simple solution…

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Efficient search and store school document management 

Our ‘Scan to SIMS’ solution, named ‘Secure and Find’, (for users of Capita SIMS software*) makes the uploading of paper-based documents regarding all pupils and staff members into Capita SIMS records fast and simple. It captures all important papers and securely stores them electronically. Ideal for scanning: consent forms, holiday requests, medial notes, SEN statements / reviews and attendance records…

Many schools have already realised the benefits of using ‘DMS Secure and Find’; allowing multiple types of information to be stored electronically within the pupil record. Creating those files manually takes time: scanning… uploading… renaming… saving. Then of course, repeating the whole process again for every member of the class or year.

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No mistakes and so easy to track

All student documents are named, uploaded and allocated to the correct person in the right place on the Capita SIMS directory, complete with an audit trail detailing when each one was created and by whom. This cuts the risk of user error and will help keep track of your student files and documents ensuring they do not get lost. Book your free onsite demo today telephone 01204 559 656.

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Helping schools manage ‘Data Erasure’
(also know as ‘right to be forgotten’ Art. 17 GDPR)

Our search / manage function allows users to easily access, extract and delete documents from SIMS via the user-friendly DMS interface. GDPR states that data cannot be retained longer than necessary. This feature ensures that DATA no longer needed can be quickly and easily deleted with a few clicks of your mouse.


The top 8 benefits of ‘DMS secure and find’ for schools

1. S2S secure document transfer
Easily import and export student documents via the S2S data transfer.

2. Audit trails
See which users have stored documents within SIMS with our user-friendly interface.

3. Data retention
Set deletion dates for documents to maintain GDPR compliancy.

4. Ease of access
Easily find documents within SIMS by using the ‘Secure and Find’ document search facility.

5. Secure document storage
Set access rights of a document before it arrives in sims. Ensuring documents are only accessed by the appropriate staff.

6. Secure and easy login
Login using your SIMS credentials. Allowing both ease of access and accurate audit trails.

7. Simplified paper to electronic conversion
Easily convert paper-based archives into securely stored electronic documents using coversheets. Simply print a unique coversheet to scan large batches into a staff/student SIMS linked documents.

8. Store new documents easily and securely
Use both “Job Ticketing “and “Upload” to get paper and electronic documents into SIMS. Allowing SIMS users to keep document archives secure and easy to access.

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