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Interactive Screens for Schools

Interactive touch screens are increasingly popular in the classroom and are replacing the traditional interactive whiteboards. Not only do they offer bright crisp images in any lighting conditions (and no lamps to change), the total cost is budget friendly.

interactive touch screen education

DMS are a leading supplier of interactive screens for schools, our interactive touch screen devices are specifically designed for the education market and sizes range from 60″ to 80″.

Keep your blinds open… sunlight means that interactive whiteboards that utilise projector technology can at times be unclear, and if watching video footage it’s necessary for the lights to be turned off and the blinds drawn. This is not conducive to teaching or learning, as students can become tired and lethargic. Interactive Touch Screens in contrast can be used in daylight. Call our Sales Team for a quote.

Early Learning Screen

DMS’s Early Learning Screen

Our Early Learning Screen has become a real winner with Nurseries and KS1 infant schools…

Our 40″ ‘Early Learning Screen’ is a great addition to any nursery or key stage 1 classroom with the objective of engaging children using educational gaming software to inspire learning.  It uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and mark make directly onto the screen at the same time.

The tilting robust table frame includes a built-in PC packed with software which mirrors the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  Teachers are simply one touch away (using a finger or the pen!) from transforming the classroom into a collaborative learning environment.

The interactive table is aimed to encourage a number of children to socially interact whilst learning and cover key areas such as creativity, numeracy, literacy, letter formation, music art and much more. It is a fabulous tool for teaching children to socialise whilst learning and to take their turn, share, communicate and work together in solving problems. It also gives an additional dimension to our “Letters and Sounds” sessions and key group times both for our children and practitioners.

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