Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print

What is managed print services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) enable you to control your reprographics equipment (copiers, printers, multifunction devices and fax machines) in a unified and integrated fashion. This usually involves passing the responsibility for service of your printer or MFD to an external provider such as ourselves who actively helps to maintain your document output processes to meet specific objectives.

In summary, managed print services mean you will pay an agreed cost per copy. The equipment fleet and consumables are supplied to you as part of your contract; you’ll control things like print volume and access or restrictions and we’ll manage service, maintenance and consumables replenishment.

This allows you to concentrate on using your print capabilities as a business resource and not allowing them to be an unmanageable cost. Approximately 70% of our clients now use managed print services.

The most immediate benefits of managed print services are:

• readily accessible output and performance information with consolidated billing

• proactive and regular service and maintenance of your reprographic equipment

• continuous optimisation of your reprographic capabilities throughout the contract period

There are a wide variety of additional services and print software applications that can be added to more fully meet your requirements. The managed print services are facilitated by key software applications within four categories:

1. print management software to manage the volume and nature of print jobs and authenticate users

2. device management software to monitor and manage the print devices in a networked environment

3. discovery and design software to analyse and plan for the change required to implement a managed print service smoothly

4. scan routing software to route scans to various destinations including fax servers, network folders, email or workflows

How will it benefit my business?

Reduce costs

Minimised cost for acquiring equipment, single fixed (known) cost which includes consumables and regular service; end-user productivity is not negatively affected; internal IT resources time is significantly reduced.

Gain control

Print audit and detailed assessment of your document production requirements; costs become known and controlled; identify waste and opportunities to improve performance and efficiency; findings contribute to developing an integrated print plan

Optimise management

One provider or point of contact for all reprographic and managed print requirements; improve capabilities with higher spec equipment; build flexibility and future scalability into the solution; properly distribute reprographics assets; manage access and usage profiles; improve document security

One supplier

Consolidate billing and service (regardless of equipment make and model); outsource to specialist provider with relevant expertise

Relieve internal IT resources

Internal IT resources not required to maintain output devices (IT has more time for business-critical tasks)

Increase up-time

Automated meter readings, error alerts, and consumables ordering helps to avoid unexpected (and preventable) downtime

Forecast expenditure

Control and anticipate costs accurately by setting your budget up-front

Eliminate waste

No need to stock consumables therefore order only the consumables you need; no excess waste or storage (no more rooms full of dozens of different toners – worth hundreds of pounds – ‘just in case’ you run out)

Reduce energy consumption

Print analysis and hardware consolidation ensures the most efficient output devices are used; limits environmental impact and energy costs

If you are interested in knowing more about setting up a managed print service in partnership with DMS Reprographics contact us today.