Post-sales support, pre-sales consultancy and continual improvement characterise DMS Reprographics’ excellent service and ‘partnership’ style approach.

What makes DMS Reprographics different?

We feel that the emphasis we place on providing excellent service begins with the first conversation you have with us and continues throughout our relationship with you. We know that our success is wholly dependent on the investment we make in your own success.

Our partnerships with both education and business customers over a 30 year period has given us the breadth and depth of experience to provide a truly excellent service. Though reprographic technologies and capabilities improve at a rapid pace, the measurement of our success continues to rely on our customers’ experience of the solutions we provide and how well we meet their requirements.

We will supply you with the most advanced technologies available to meet the demanding requirements of both your business and your budget; and we will provide the knowledge, training and ongoing support necessary to ensure that you maximise the return on every element of your investment.

Pre-sales consultancy

We are able to offer knowledgeable advice on a range of office equipment including scanners, printers, photocopiers, and multifunctional devices from manufacturers such as Sharp, Ricoh, OKI and Develop. We will utilise every bit of our knowledge and skill to fully understand and appreciate your unique requirements and then identify the most efficient, cost-effective and flexible solutions.

Post-sales support

Regardless of how well you expect a solution to meet your needs, if you don’t receive ongoing support and guidance to implement that solution you will never fully appreciate its value. We will work with you after the sale to integrate your equipment fleet and ensure you have the training and support to fully realise its value and be able to take advantage of the benefits associated with a modern networked print environment.

Maintenance and service

We are committed to looking after your machines to ensure that they don’t let you down; our preventative maintenance and pro-active servicing helps us to maintain your machines at peak efficiency and anticipate problems before they cause any downtime or loss of performance.

We make constant adjustments and improvements to our service and maintenance procedures, both to match new technologies and the changing needs of our customers. Our first priority is to maintain your equipment’s output and functionality with minimal downtime or disruption.

Continual improvement

Our sales consultants and service technicians are highly trained, skilled professionals who are motivated to deliver dependable advice and unparalleled service. We continually invest in technical training, diagnostic and repair equipment and customer service training to ensure we are always capable and motivated to improve on every aspect of the services we provide.

Our relationships

In addition to the long-term relationships we build with customers, we maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. This ensures that we always have their complete cooperation and support when helping our own customers. This understanding we have with them is to your advantage; giving us the ability to employ creative and innovative solutions when problems do arise, knowing we can rely on their specialist support and knowledge to help you.

They constantly keep us informed of the latest deals, system updates or enhancements, new technologies and advances in fault resolution, in addition to helping us maintain our training and familiarisation with their hardware and print software applications. The quality of our relationships plays an important role in ensuring that we can ultimately deliver a total and reliable solution to you.