DMS Reprographics offer clients a complete document management and print service

Print Audit

We offer a free full print audit to ascertain exactly where things are up to. This allows us to understand what equipment you have on site, what your usage requirements are and also how your current costs are broken down.

Analysing the print audit allows us to put forward a bespoke solution that will help you to make savings where possible and take advantage of the best deals we can find.


Almost every DMS client enjoys the benefits of PaperCut, an innovative piece of software that not only saves you money but also frees up resources and allows you to monitor your environmental impact.

In businesses excess printing can incur huge costs – direct and indirect.

In a business IT environment, user turnover can be high and networks are dynamic. PaperCut has been designed to allow administrators to control and report as they need to for thousands of unique users if necessary. Once the initial set up is configured, there is no disruption to your usual print processes.

“It’s not often I get excited about developments in our industry” says Steve Small, managing director of DMS Reprographics “but PaperCut is so innovative we recommend it to every client without hesitation.”

PaperCut also allows remote monitoring, allowing us to get replacement cartridges to you when you are running low on consumbables and avoiding unnecessary downtime and surplus stock piling for numerous machines.